Songs of Selah Halloween Special with Alien Buddha Press

Songs of Selah
Episode #120

October 31, 2020
6-8 PM EST

Listen live or catch a replay later here on 17Numa Radio…

Halloween Special with Alien Buddha Press. Twelve ABP authors will be calling in to read their work from the House of Horrors anthology series.

Call in with questions and to win free copies at 646-668-8757.

With Readings From

1- Red Focks
2- Beverly M. Collins
3- Carrie Magness Radna
4- Chani Zwibel,
5- Jared Morningstar
6- Jason O’Toole
7- JJ Stick
8- Megha Sood
9- Michael D Miller
10- Robert Ragan
11- Samir Karimo
12- Sandi Leibowitz

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