Two Poems Translated and Read in Afrikaans

I was listening to a selection of audio clips tonight that an upcoming guest for Songs of Selah sent me, and all of a sudden I had a flashback to my friend, Don Beukes reading two of my poems that he translated into Afrikaans a few years ago. So I thought I’d go back in time for a moment and revisit his wonderful recitations.

“Detoxification” and “Transcending Definitions,” along with their printed translations, can be read here at his website, The Salamander Chronicles.

The audio versions that he powerfully brought to life can be listened to here:
Ontgiftiging (Detoxification)
Definisies Sonder Perke (Transcending Definitions)
Don Beukes - salamander logo 2

To find out more about Don’s life, work, and poetry, please check out this in-depth interview that he gave when joining me on an episode of Songs of Selah. You’ll be glad you did! And stay tuned for his next appearance coming up soon on the 17Numa Radio channel. 


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