Amethyst and Angels/CultureCult Magazine Winter 2018

The song of aged owls sounds like smelted silver flowing thickly from the woods. Raindrops gently drip from the heavens, caressing newly colored leaves with their kisses as wind chimes howl. A fog of night sits soft and still in the air, sneezing open pathways toward ruptured visions of amethyst and angelic whispers. Swirling mandalas of miracles are made manifest, casting spells of soothing peace to calm the spirit of a fervent season at its core. 

CultureCult Magazine issue 9 cover

I’m honored to have a selection of my work included in the new 2018 winter issue of CultureCult Magazine published out of West Bengal, India by Jagannath Chakravarti. This is consistently one of the most beautifully designed (both cover and interior) magazines being published today. I do not make that statement often, and it is not said lightly. 

The full issue which includes “It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion,” “Kingdom of Chaos,” and “Formulas for Pressing Flowers” can be viewed here online.

But I highly recommend picking up a copy of this gorgeous print edition for your bookshelf. 

My new book, Abstract Visions of Light, is available here through Alien Buddha Press. You can also pick up a signed copy directly from me if interested. Thank you for supporting independent artists and publishers. Cheers!



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