Songs of Selah on 17Numa Radio

The new episode goes live tonight, October 17, at 9 PM EST on 17Numa Radio. Tune in via this link for the broadcast and afterwards to access the archive…

17Numa Radio

Phone lines are open in the studio. If you have questions or thoughts you’d like to share please call in at 646-668-8757.

On tonight’s episode:

A preview segment with future guest, Don Beukes. He’ll be speaking about his latest co-authored book, The Persuit of Poetic Perfection. Find out more about the book here at Beukes’ website, The Salamander Chronicles.

Also, a segment featuring Poet Akinwemimo Idris (Loaded). Idris is a humanitarian who writes across all genres of literature. His literary works have been published in many poetry anthologies across the world and several times he has been featured on stage. As a peaceful revolutionist, he founded Nibstears Poetry Cave in 2014 so as to make use of all the ethics and norms in poetry as a tool towards achieving progress and peace. Since the inception of Nibstears, visitations to schools, prisons, and hospitals to donate time and express words of hope have become the objectives. Nibstears has an online poetry school and holds an annual poetry festival called TASTE OF WORDS. 


I’ll also be reading a selection of poems from my various books and playing music throughout the night. 

If you’d like to appear as a future guest on Songs of Selah, please visit or contact me at Also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 



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