Wonders of the 181

My poem “Wonders of the 181” was published recently at Academy of the Heart and Mind…

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Scott Thomas Outlar

Come to me in dreams tonight

so we can speak even while we sleep

as crickets serenade our spirits

Hour upon hour of hearing your voice

is still not enough to satiate

the need that you’ve created

to keep goosebumps tingling

along my spine and skin

dive in

dig deep

of the buzz

of the bliss

of the burn

of the fire

of the rise

of the sun

One hundred and eighty-one rays of light

shine from the seat of your soul

with a resonance that magnetizes my lips

to place a kiss on your forehead

on your hair

on my neck

on your navel

on my heart

Arrows aimed with the intention

of casting webs to capture

all the sweetest signs of synchronicity

that pulse when our thoughts

and emotions are entangled

Moments enriched

with silver and gold

linings and crowns

with lavender and rose

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