Summer Solstice

On the occasion of a turning season and a rising sun.

This summer will bring you days of peace and moments of pain. This summer will bring you hours of joy and instances of sadness. This summer will shift your soul toward the light, but there will always remain shadow aspects that must be integrated so as to realize the completeness of your psyche.

This life is tragic and comedic and broken and brutal. But this life is also oh so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Everything continues to be exactly the same, and everything is constantly changing. Each new breath is a miracle set it motion. Every sigh births another opportunity for salvation.

This summer will either make you or break you (and there is a good chance it will do a bit of both before its purpose has been fulfilled). This summer is everything you have ever dreamed of. Open your eyes. It is time to awaken.

This summer is a choice. To run from your fears, or to face them with courage and faith. To tell little white lies, or to speak from the deepest source of your truth. To close down and shut off, or to flip the switch and ignite. To be petty, or to have empathy. To cast blame, or to seek forgiveness. To let hatred fester, or to experience the power of love.

This summer will burn that which has fallen to embers and ash. This summer will grant you wings to rise again. Soar, my friends.

Love and light to all. This summer belongs to you. Seize its infinite shine. Selah

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