Forest for the Trees

The early months of 2018 served an important role in humbling me. I say that not with any sense of sorrow or regret as I reflect today, but from a state of thankfulness and appreciation. I once prayed that the fire of my karma would set itself upon me. And it did so, both in ways I had fairly predicted and in others that were unforeseen/unimaginable. In order to heal, I was forced to dig deep and realign my focus with the pure intentions that help me to best walk with purpose. I had to discover anew the breath of simplicity that allows for inner peace even when circumstances are chaotic and complicated in the world at large.

I returned to the forest to meditate on how its nature is intrinsically connected with while simultaneously being separate from the trees. Truth, honor, integrity, kindness, compassion: let me always seek to connect with the energy of these higher values.

I prayed for the fire, and it burned me. Now I pray for the blessings of this life to be fully realized, moved toward, and accepted with gratitude when received. I have at times in my past turned away from the very experiences that would potentially bring salvation, but that was only because I knew in faith that such grace still had to be earned.

Each new lesson unlocks the path for further evolution. The real key comes in finally understanding that the gates were open all along. Amen.

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