Washed Away

Sunday provides the perfect opportunity for introspection and reflection (rest and relaxation are also appropriate). There is something about its spiritual energy that helps manifest mindfulness, though it is then dependent upon our own efforts to maintain such a state of consciousness.

Peace has returned to my spirit of late. There is grace in this world, and for that I am grateful. Now it’s time to take a walk to the park, bask in this beautiful weather, count my lucky stars (even while the sun burns bright), and do a bit of writing in the woods.

My latest poem at Dissident Voice is a reminder that nothing in life should ever be taken for granted. The moments we are blessed with are powerful, yet can often seem so fleeting. It was inspired by all the concentration and dedication my nieces put toward creating an elaborate city drawn in chalk on the driveway recently, and then how quickly a massive storm arrived to wash it all away. “Better Take a Big One” can be read here…


Good vibes and contented thoughts your way, my friends! I hope everyone’s weekend ends on a high note.

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