March arrives. February fades. All cycles shift as they must. There are certain phases in life when one’s preconceived belief systems must be smashed to smithereens so that previously unrealized ideas can have room to take root and eventually expand.

A muscle must first be broken down before it can then grow back stronger. So too must the mind occasionally plunge into uncharted depths of the subconscious in order to fathom the treasures that await beneath the water before bringing them back to surface one second before lungs burst.

Go to the edge. Then take one more step. Truth awaits on the other side. Even if the process sometimes feels a bit chaotic before the next a-ha moment of awareness comfortably settles in.

Consciousness can prove to be a tricky beast. It need not be tamed, however, nor even fully understood at all times. Only acknowledged, respected, and honored with a dedication toward its constant, continual, progressive development.

I have been healing of late. Rapidly. I am greedy for more.

Wishing all the best to my friends in the new month ahead. Selah

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