February Launchpad

The first day of February started off wonderfully well. Two of my poems that were recently translated into Italian by Mihaela Melnic have now been published in the new issue of Setu Mag. My essay “Chasing After the Essence” written about Heath Brougher’s latest book from Weasel Press is also included in the issue.

A short story I wrote way back in 2004 has been published in the new print collection, Tales of the Alien Buddha Volume 1.

Three of my poems appear in this month’s edition of Our Poetry Archive, and three others appear in the new issue of Poetry of Moon. Another poem “Hot Breath of a Primal Yes” was posted today at the CTU Publishing site. It is an excerpt from my book they released last year, Happy Hour Hallelujah. Copies of which are available here.

Happy Hour Hallelujah front cover

I received word that a duet poem of mine that was penned along with Sujata Banerjee Bhattacharyya has been accepted to appear in the forthcoming You and Me anthology being released through Vishwabharati Research Centre located in India.

The editors of another compilation being published out of India, Indifaring Muse, contacted me today with the final proof of their anthology that will be out soon containing two of my poems.

I was also notified that my poem “Extinction Is the Genesis of Evolution” has been accepted for the next print issue of 1932 Quarterly coming out soon.

All this positive news that took place was a nice way to kick off the fresh month. Yet the story remains ever the same. Steady as she goes. One step, and then the next. All the best, my friends. Cheers to a great February ahead!

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