Wise Words with Bruce Wise

It was a very cool surprise to happen across a poem from Bruce Wise (AKA Cause Bewilder) dedicated to me in this latest edition of Wise Words at oddball magazine…

oddball magazine

At the Pyeongchang Olympics
by Dae Wi “Scrub” Lee

This winter two Koreas will march in together in
the Pyeongchang Olympics, walking as if they were one.
They will be marching under the Korean Uni-flag,
white background with blue silhouette of the peninsula.
The two Koreas plan to field an ice-hockey team;
it is an effort to thaw frosty-cold diplomacy.
Though ladies from the South Korean team aren’t happy, since
some will be dropped from off the team they thought they would be with.
Though Moon Jae-in thanked Trump for talks between the enemies,
not all agreed with adversary ex-pe-di-en-cy.

Dae Wi “Scrub” Lee is a poet of Korea.


JFK Airport Arrest, January 15, 2018
by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

Ex-CIA case officer, one Jerry Chun Shing Lee,
who has been living in Hong Kong is now in custody.
Arrested when he came to JFK airport today;
he was…

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