Monkeys on Mute

Thank you to Ian Chung for publishing “Monkeys on Mute” recently at Eunoia Review…

Eunoia Review

Here is a poem with its eyes cut out,
bound in darkness,
blinded by ignorance,
branded with a mark on its forehead
that would make Cain
toss and turn in his grave
from disbelief.

Here is a chest with a hole in its center,
bled out from the empty cavity,
hollow in the bones,
ribs picked clean
and sold to the vultures
that lurk greedily
with lust dancing
through their wicked little thoughts
of carnage.

Here is a song that haunts my soul,
just released,
spun fifty times on repeat
to reflect Revelation
as silenced ghosts from the past
materialize on the scene anew,
weeping and wailing
along with the sounds of devastation
while they linger
to cast aspersions
on all of the love
that went so wrong.

Here is a tree cracking in its trunk,
swaying in the wind,
snapping as the storm
splinters its spine to shatter

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