Extinction Is the Genesis of Evolution

Thank you to Ian Chung for publishing my poem “Extinction Is the Genesis of Evolution” recently at Eunoia Review…

Eunoia Review

Crossing the bridge from distortion into silence
creates the electric hum of a new awakening.
If art is an unfolding rhythm then life must be a song in motion.
There are certain comparisons that never seem
to pop up on any quizzes or SAT questions in class.

I will grade true love on a scale of forgiveness.
I will slide with a smile until slipping through the veil of illusions.
I will spit in the river and witness all ripples.

Burning a drag of smoke with no filter
enlivens the flesh of wet lungs to breathe fresh oxygen.
If the bond is stronger than blood then first kisses are a quickening.
Squirrels naturally seek after fallen nuts near the tree
as deeply the mind digs its roots in for winter.

I will promise you less until the future delivers.
I will dance on this spot as the soil grows richer.

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