(Make the Two as One)

Why did humanity cross the road?
Because we longed to breathe fresh air again.
Some said there was no other choice
but to set the ships toward Mars,
but, my God!,
I’d rather hang around
and ride the next wave
as earth regains its rhythm
and begins to rise again.
Some said the blackout was certain
as the curtains continued falling day by day,
but sweet salvation
would never close down Broadway
until the final act
on every street
reaches fever pitch.
Some said we’re due a fire, a flood, a quake, a storm
as fault lines wrench and come undone,
but the colors of hallelujah
keep singing holy all the while
until the harshest shift settles down
and new electric vibrations start to sway.
Why did humanity cross the road?
Because evolution was never snuffed out of survival’s DNA.

(Crossing Over)


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