Two Poems | by Scott Thomas Outlar

Thank you to Communicators League for publishing two of my poems recently…

Communicators League

Midnight Wonder/Wander


Head in the clouds,

soul on the brink

of salvation and/or annihilation

at any/every moment.

The signs in the sky

appear to point out our future in space.

The signs in my mind

seek to find the path home to source.

But the signs on the street

are marketed for entirely different ends,

singing their songs about realtors

who have erected

new neighborhoods

as far as the eye can see

in this suburban wonderland

(Call Alice;

she might know

the truth by now).

Chopping down trees,

chasing deer

from their home.

Come meet me at midnight,

my friend;

we’ll stare straight

into heaven’s void together.

I too know

what it is

to roam.

Taxing the System

Rain –

soaked to the marrow,

to the soil,

to the point

past saturation.

God –

whispering the truth,

a little too loose

for the likes

of falling angels.

Roots –

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