But Tonight, We Dance

Something Sacred in Our Sadness
If I write
one more time
about the sky
and how it’s
set to fall
at any moment,
how many chances
will I have left
when the rain
finally does
begin to pour?
If I dance, alone,
on a bridge
in the middle
of the woods,
is that the same
as on a stage
somewhere, someday, somehow?
All you ever needed
was to bless us;
all I want to do
is laugh and smile;
yet when we weep,
please let it be
in joy
even though
we know
this sadness
heals with love.
They said this carpet
knew how to fly
when guided proper,
but forgot to mention
that the engine
could sometimes stall;
and what we’ve learned,
passed down
throughout the ages,
is that the magic
comes from our minds
when we truly
decide to soar.

Visions of Verse (3-25-17) taken by Holly Holt (2)My first full-length poetry collection, Happy Hour Hallelujah, is available here through CTU Publishing. Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy (or yet plans to). Your support is greatly appreciated! Selah

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