Down and Out/Up, Up and Away

Funny How It Goes Sometimes
Considering how everything was wrong
when our ship went down,
the situation could not have
ended up any better.
Insert your next parable here
while I keep busy
never figuring out
this paradox called…
Shift so subtly with the spin;
cycle when the circle sings.
Open wide my weathered ears;
bless me with the sounds of spring.
Considering all I failed to learn,
I’m still happy being dumb.
Basking in new season’s light,
I realize life’s just begun.

Visions of Verse tomorrow is going to be dope. Poetry is the only high I need in life. Though I’m surely not adverse to several other methods of reaching out and touching sky.
Visions of Verse (3-25-17) promo 2
Five of my poems were published here at Medusa’s Kitchen earlier this month. Thank you to Kathy Kieth for hosting such a great site.

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