Cleansing Karma under the Sun

Just to Be on the Safe Side
A day with so much shine
even the shadows
wouldn’t dare
try to tame us.
But night always falls,
same as the sun,
same as the stars,
same as our nature,
same as these
Protection offered by the light
still goes a long way
in life,
but a nuclear missile
defense system
isn’t the worst idea
All I ever want to say is something perfect,
but I’ll keep settling for less every time
as long as the process comes with a promise
to continue urging me forward…
with a kiss, with a caress,
with a push, with a shove,
with whatever force
equals out
to evolution
in the end.

It would be preposterous to claim that I was blinded by the light. So I won’t. But I will swear to the fact that it did give me a nice buzz (and a cleansing sweat).
Two of my poems (Manifesting Minutes All the While; and Burning down the Throne) have been published today here in Tuck Magazine.

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