Prophecies and Hand-Me-Downs

Numbers Game
Let’s stay awake
through all hours of the night,
here with the pillows,
and talk about heavy subjects
such as whether or not
soulmates actually exist;
let’s get sloppy drunk
to receive the revelation
that the sky is set to fall
in eleven hours.
Age is just a number,
it’s true…
until it kills you.
Platitudes and empty promises
are not one and the same.
I’ve consumed them both in triple doses.
One keeps me high as a kite
most of the time,
and the other always
leaves me in the lurch.
Prophecies and hand-me-downs
predict a righteous future.
I saw you up there screaming for your silver.
Even if you have a pile
of jewels and gold,
you’ll still be starving and cold
by the time you taste your grave.

This is the blitzkrieg we’ve all been begging for. Full-frontal assault. Lord, please have mercy on us all.

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