Love Literati Contest

At the Speed of Contact
It will come like a god
chasing the tail
that was never really there.
Spinning all our tops off.
Melting nine hearts and a globe.
Slow down, baby,
take a breath, we’ve got this.
It will come like a guard
off its rails
speeding 170 mph.
Slung to the side of the street.
Standing up, dusting off, shaking loose, moving on.
I can see for miles in the distance.
Take my hand, or don’t; please keep smiling either way.
It will come like a sun
spitting through clouds
with a big wish during climax.
Dancing near the gates of heaven.
Breaking five laws, but none of them matter.
Quick, catch the truth, my dear;
it’s always here … until it isn’t.

My poem “Holy Halo” has moved on to the final round in the Love Literati Contest hosted by ELSiEiSY. The winners will be selected based on comments left for each remaining contestant. If you have a moment, please swing by to read my work and leave a comment at the site. Your support would truly help me out. It is very much appreciated! Just click on this link.


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