It’s cool if you want to get all fired up and nasty, all riled, charged, and fit to burst over the atrocities of this world.
It is a savage game being human. That’s not new wisdom.
But if you’re going to launch all missiles at the drop of a hat, you’d better at least be correct in your analysis of where to target. Which means you damned well ought to be informed about the subject. So unleash the hell of war if it’s righteous. But if you’re a fool fed naught but propaganda, then just shut your mouth and sit in the corner.
It’s adult swim now.
Your surface level bullshit is sure to get you sunk.

Served Cold
Those who live by the sword,
die by the sword.
Which could possibly be a lot of fun
while it lasts,
but most assuredly really sucks
when you finally get stuck.

I’ve never suffered a fool in my life. I’ve listened to them, laughed with them, laughed at them, and waved them along on their way. Like ships passing in the night. I must always continue toward the light in the distance. It’s not my fault when they wind up crashing on the rocks in the darkness.

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