Featured Writer: Scott Thomas Outlar

My poem “Continuous Light” was featured at CTU Publishing recently. Thank you to Raja Williams for allowing me to contribute…

Raja's Insight

Continuous Light


My days do not begin with the sun,

and they do not end with the stars.

My days do not have an alpha,

and they do not have an omega.

My days do not rely on the hours of a clock

or the rotation of the earth.

My days do not require food or water

or oxygen or sleep or prayer or faith.

My days are not spent questioning

the meaning of existence through philosophy.

My days are not days at all

because my life is now but one day,

one moment, one thought, one meditation,

one experience constantly unfolding

as a single, pure, righteous source of light.

My day belongs to you

because my day was born from you.

My day is here, my day is now,

My day is truth, my day is you.

© Scott Thomas Outlar

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