Synchronicity Swirling through the Cycle

Give me the moon for one moment
and I will die happy
pour down from the sky
with waves of light
and I am hungry
and I am thirsty
and I am primal
but I am not pining
because one moment
became perfection
and even the sun will get me high

and even the storm will surely pass

I wrote “The Questions” on the Winter Solstice of 2006 while working at Borders. During my break, sitting upstairs in the corner chair, with a head full of…
It was the first piece of writing I ever had published, appearing in December of 2009 at The Oracular Tree. The editor, reacting to the spiritual ramblings of my cover letter, decided to change the title of the essay to “Solstice Questions.” It seemed to make synchronistic sense at the time. A week later, on the Winter Solstice, I read it at The Apache Café in Atlanta, Georgia. With a head full of…
Ten years later, it has now been published again here at ELSiEiSY. Spin, spin, spin, always spinning…

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