Put on a Happy (Hour) Face

Strong of flesh.
Strong of mind.
Strong of heart.
Strong of soul.
Or so I hope.
Life comes down to this:
How good are your plans? And how well can you execute them?
Put up or shut up or stand out or go silent. It’s all about living moment to moment, adapting through the carnage of this life. With a smile and a happy face. Because even though evil runs amok in a melee across this earth, it’s still fun to know that we will defeat all of its forces in the end (coming soon).

I’ve posted very little of my work the past half year here at 17Numa. Six months feels like one beat of the heart. One blink of the eyes. One breath. Once upon a time, back in July, Cultured Vultures debuted their Poetry Spotlight series by featuring three of my poems. “Request Denied,” “Back to Basics,” and “Happy Hour Harbinger” can be read via this link.

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