The Blue Mountain Review

Issue 5 of The Blue Mountain Review is filled to the brim with fine poetry, fiction, photography, and interviews from powerful contemporary voices. As work on issue 6 kicks into high gear, I thought it seemed a good time to share the one-year anniversary issue. Hell, I might as well just go ahead and provide links to them all, right? Right.
Cliff Brooks, Holly Holt, Felino A. Soriano, Chani Butler, Jennifer Avery, and all the crew of The Southern Collective Experience put their hearts and souls into these issues, just as they do in all aspects of their lives. As do I. We hope this effort shines through in our art. Thank you to everyone who has contributed words and images to BMR thus far, and thank you to everyone who has read, enjoyed, shared, or been inspired by the issues. We truly appreciate all those who have helped us spread the good word about the magazine. Anyone interested in sending a submission our way can find the guidelines here.
 The Southern Collective Experience

Shorter University
NPR/WUTC Chattanooga, Tennessee
(Dante’s Old South)
Allatoona Book Festival
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