Star Crusher

Choke Hold Gag Reflex
Up on the steep roof
blowing leaves from the gutter
I come to realize
an appreciation
of just how precious
and precarious
every single step in life is
One slip
might mess you up
Walking along beside the street
watching cars pass in the cold of night
I get a craving
for some fresh air
not just stale smoke
tailpipe smog fest
One breath
might seize the lungs
Staring straight at the TV screen
going numb in every neuron
I found a trance
with the program
turn my head off
and get sucked in
to the shallow waves
One hour
might drain all soul
Sitting down for a warm meal
dinner table with the heat on
I know it’s true
that the energy used
to keep me safe from cold
comes at the sad expense
of stealing Earth’s black gold
One drill
might shift the plates
Catching flak in my own mind
for creature comforts of the modern life
It’ll drive you mad trying to save the world
it’s all illusion, Lord, just lay me down
Sleeping soundly between satin sheets
snug and cozy carefree nonchalance
I paid my dues throughout the day
won’t wear a millstone through the night
This poem is an excerpt from my chapbook, Songs of a Dissident. It was released in 2015 by Transcendent Zero Press, and copies are available here.

If you dig my style, cool. If you don’t, oh well. No worries. Move along. I’m here to play games that conquer the stars. I’m here to have fun and make merry.
We don’t have to pretend any longer. This life truly is beautiful. Take a big bite. Take a deep breath. Explode.

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