Make Atlantis Great Again

The fruits of the fascists and communists have born naught but cultural suicide and authoritarian debauchery. Intolerance, destitution, class elitism, and cancerous ideology.
This is not the stuff of a great species. Humanity as a whole is too good to be allowed to fall into the snares of collectivism. Humans are the greatest thing going. Yeah, I’m a bigot for the species; I admit I think we’re destined for the stars. Apologies to any weaker beings that offends here on earth, or elsewhere.
When I try to cool down, I just get hot under the collar. There is nothing safe about the spaces of evolution. There is only a trigger that sends consciousness careening toward higher light.
New Slogan, New Brand, New Name:
Make Atlantis Great Again.
Renaissance is the final solution. Let’s be as gods and dance our way into the future. Let’s be as men and give thanks to the Holy Spirit of Creation.

This interview appeared at Ink In Thirds back in September. I’m getting into the flow of posting here again this month after a having taken a brief hiatus. I was otherwise occupied with life. In general. These things happen sometimes. I only want to have some fun. Foot meet pedal meet metal meet floor…

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