Jump Point

Thank You
Praise the Lord
In life, it is good to love your family, your friends, your tribe, your community, and your species. In order to love humanity, one must first learn to love their self. That’s the bottom line, and it’s worth more than any material wealth on earth. You’re welcome.

Social Media Observations:
Some people are cool. They post interesting comments. They have integrity.
Some people are fools. They have lost their damn minds, and they spew nothing but nonsense. Immoral Propagandist, be thy name.
It is good to observe your enemies, to learn from them, to grow, to evolve, to adapt. When they are defeated, it is good to drink from a chalice of their tears, and to weep with joy upon their bones.

It’s not that I have nothing left to lose, but that what I have to gain is too large of a risk not to take. Lord, please humble my ego, and grant me courage to jump.

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