Reduce to Base

If I had to describe my style of poetry
I could call it: Arsonist
I’ve found that once one
starts playing with fire
it’s difficult to set down the matches
I could say my pen is an inferno
but that’s too poetic
so I’ll just say my tongue is a flame
This world is burning
but I came here to dance
I could talk about a rising Phoenix
but that’s old hat
so I’ll just talk about the dust and the ash

Truth is, I describe my style as being prose-fusion poetry. It’s a license to cheat…but not to steal. It’s a lesson…in something. Maybe.
I stay in the moment with eyes toward the future. Mostly.

My new poetry collection “Chaos Songs” will be released next month through Longsword Press. I’ve been working the past couple of weeks with Tom Janikowski (Founder/Editor/Publisher) to bring this project to life. The process has been beyond ideal. Tom and his crew at Longsword know what they’re doing. They provided excellent notes on the original manuscript which led me to construct a much better book. The cover photo, I believe, captures the essence of the work perfectly. It was taken by an Italian photographer by the name of Davide De Col. The full cover design is nearly complete, and I’m looking forward to sharing it soon. It’s good to work with good people.
Speaking of which, I’ll be seeing more good people from The Southern Collective Experience at a poetry reading later today. The last event I attended was a taping in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the WUTC/NPR station earlier this month. That show is set to be broadcast on May 29. Issue 3 of The Blue Mountain Review will also be released in May. Good people. Good art. Many more projects on the horizon. The SCE is ever evolving and expanding. Please feel free to swing by and check out our website.
My poems “The Swarm” and “Making It up as We Go” appear in the April issue of Full of Crow. The issue has been one of the better reads so far in 2016…it’s full of amazing poets. Elynn Alexander really put together a strong compilation.
I’ve had work appear in three print publications this month (Infernal Ink Magazine; Torrid Literature Journal; and The Poeming Pigeon). Links to all my published work from so far in April can be found on the Poems Page.
The state my mind occupies most of the time is one of thankfulness. Despite the fiery nature of my writing, I am an eternal optimist. I have a fierce love for the species of humanity and for consciousness itself. I have gratitude for God. My Creator. If you don’t understand what that means, I’m afraid I can’t help you. The future excites me. It’s going to be good.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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