Sweet Explosive Sunshine Song

Naked Dreams
Crimson nightmares
stain the neurons
of my inner eye
and I can sense
the emerging last refrain
as lust begins to sing
a twisted lullaby
of a dying passion
collapsing beneath the waves
we once stirred up
between these sheets
The carnage of the vision
is more than I can bear
but I keep
my peepers closed
for I know
all too well
that the truth
will be even worse
upon the wake

Yes, well, uh, you see, that is, like, you know?
The best thing that ever happened to me was when I detached from…everything (almost). Numbness is a virtue that cannot be snuffed out easily (if at all). It affords a shield for which there is no penetrable weapon (except love, which I’ll have none of at the moment). Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week…all month…all year…until the fire claims these bones…until ash becomes my name.
For anyone who doesn’t yet know this about me: I consider life to be a war. I’ve drawn my lines in the sand. I’m also very considerate in my basic communication skills, so perhaps the full intensity of my intentions doesn’t always come across. Of course, most of the people I deal with are friends and allies, so that helps. Trust me, with time, the scope will expand as everything becomes quite clear. After all, the game has only just begun.
On a lighter note, here are links to a few of the past week’s publications:
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Sunshine Song – Whispers
If you dig my work, you can help support my continued efforts by ordering a copy of “Songs of a Dissident” on Amazon. You can read more about the chapbook, which was released last month, in this interview I did recently with Angie Tibbs of Dissident Voice.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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