Signing Off

I’ve come to the conclusion
that the front porch
only offers
a couple hundred poems
worth of inspiration
before it’s time to move on
to a different location
for a fresh dose
of creative explosion
through every synapses
I wouldn’t complain
except for the fact
that I happen to be
sitting in such a spot
right now with this pen
bleeding out on the page
so I guess I’ll have to squeeze
one more ounce of ink
before the well runs dry
One more line to go
One more word to vomit
One more last goodbye
One more death to suffer
One more war to rage
One more kiss of cancer
One more salute to the sun
One more puff on the cigarette
One more laugh at the absurdity of it all
One more deep breath of fresh air
One more chance to say I love you
One more step toward somewhere new…

It’s all fairly damn simple as far as I’m concerned.
Love that which is Good with a violent passion, and hate that which is Evil with an equal fervor.
To my family and friends:
I am loyalty incarnate.
To my enemies:
You will rue the day God placed you upon my path.
That is not a threat. I’m not playing Mr. Tough Guy. I can tell who’s who and what’s what…that’s why almost all of us get along oh so well. We’re on the level, baby. Thank God, Almighty…there’s a Happy Hour Hallelujah on the rise…
Scott Thomas Outlar
I said it was simple, but then I went heavy. It happens. Here’s something low key and straight forward: I love to connect with new people, so feel free to hit me up on Facebook and Twitter. hello, hello, hello, hello…and, oh, I also started a page here yesterday.

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