There are some people who preach love
but the message is hollow
because they do not first love themselves
There are others who preach love
and it is genuine
but they are naïve
and so it does not spread
I guess the point is:
If you want to change the world
shut up with all the preaching
and just start living it

Thank you to E.s. Wynn at Leaves of Ink for publishing my poem “Succumb” a few days ago.
Thank you to Raja Williams at Creative Talents Unleashed for accepting a poem recently to be featured at her site this coming Saturday.
I want to mention again how appreciative I am to Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice for all her continued support, and for conducting this recent interview with me about “Songs of a Dissident” (which is now available on Amazon).
Thank you to everyone who stops by 17Numa to check things out…as I’m writing this post the number of page views needed to reach the 10,000 mark is less than 30. I began this site in the final week of January…so that’s a pretty cool round number to hit within the first year. I promise to keep moving forward, working to improve, and doing my level best to remain balanced in the middle of the road…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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