The Goddess and Dostoyevsky

Mercy me,
your beauty is too much
to bear…
I have to slip away,
but cannot help
to turn back
and steal just one last glance
to satisfy an urge
I know will never be fulfilled.
Some sugar
is too sweet
for this soured soul
that has escaped underground
in search of soiled answers
of questions far too existential
to ever reveal
the true nature of their core,
no matter how far
one burrows
beneath the earth.

Happy to have had six poems published yesterday at Medusa’s Kitchen alongside photography taken by Katy Brown. Cheers to Kathy Kieth for allowing me to contribute at her site once again. The theme of the selection I sent her was loosely based around meditations on death…basically because when I was going through this year’s file of material recently that is just sort of what fell into place as I put the submission together. What can I say? I’m just an existential, morose type of dude at times. I’m a deep and brooding cupcake with dark icing smeared on top. So it goes. Anyone that would like to read my featured work can do so here:
Please feel free to hit me up on Facebook and Twitter…I’m always down to connect with new people.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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