Circuit Board Ignition Theory…October Recap

Itchy neurons
begging for a scratch
Synapses flaring
seeking primal pressure gauge
Flashpoint electric charge
stored up, ready to blow
Ignition switch
double tapped
Multiply the release thrust
for amplified explosion
Pushing past the death throes
of entropy’s collapsed wave
Vibrations on high alert
seeking out the resonance theory
Sucking on the socket
energetic pulse floods the system
Kundalini spinal circuit
kissing the serpent frequency
Neon violet translucence
lit up by synchronicity’s sign
Kilowatt power surge
reverberating through bone marrow
Revelation fever cometh
sweating out the fervent passion
Adrenaline tide
sweeps to the shoreline
Welcome to the golden garden
where the eyes of Apocalypse open

October Recap:
There were a couple of events this month that didn’t quite go as planned, but, hell, such is the case in life sometimes…so I do my best to not get too bent out of shape about it. From a certain point of view I look at negatives as being positives…unforeseen circumstances which arise force me to adapt, to become stronger, and to evolve. Sink or swim, baby. That’s the bottom line. Drowning is not an option. Amen.
As far as the writing is concerned, I feel as if I put forward a fairly strong effort this month. I have a highly addictive personality and my expectations are always ridiculously off the charts, so being satisfied or happy with what I accomplish is usually just not going to happen. That being said, I’m thankful to all the editors at these 32 venues who accepted and/or published my work in October:
Dissident Voice; Yellow Chair Review; Verse-Virtual; Calliope Magazine; Visual Verse; Three Line Thursday; The Creativity Webzine; Rusted Rose Poetry Forum; Novelmasters; Literary Orphans; SpinRock Reader Lit; Lunar Lit Poetry Page; Poems and Poetry; The Gambler Mag; Tangerine Heart Poetry Zine; Mad Swirl; Piker Press; Dead Snakes; Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine; Rocket Boy Poetry Page; Digging through the Fat; The Commonline Journal; Profiles in Poetry; Vine Figure Poetry Page; Slink Chunk Press; Indiana Voice Journal; Stepping Stones Magazine; Fauna Quarterly; Void Press; Medusa’s Kitchen; WritingRaw; and Sentinel Literary Quarterly.
All these journals, magazines, lit blogs, and zines are listed on the Links Page here at 17Numa, along with well over a hundred other venues, as a resource for anyone who might be looking for new publications to read and/or submit their writing.
Links to all my publications can be found on the Poems Page. I hit the 500 mark a few days ago on poems that have been published so far in 2015, appearing in somewhere around 130 different venues. When I stop to think about how much of an output that is…never mind, I just won’t think about it. Forward march. The next poem is the most important. The next word is the next important. The next letter is the most important. All these seeds I sow will be reaped in future seasons…I trust that as being the stone cold truth…and it is. Amen.
I also put up another 22 new poems on various blog posts at 17Numa during October. I do this because I love it. I do this because I’m driven. I do this because there can be no other way. Whatever that means. It is what it is.
Something I’m especially stoked about is having secured the perfect cover image for my forthcoming chapbook “Songs of A Dissident” which is scheduled to be released early in the new year through Transcendent Zero Press. It’s been a pleasure working with the editor at TZP, Dustin Pickering, through the process of getting this book ready, and I’m thankful for the input he’s provided. I hope anyone who digs my work will seriously consider picking up a copy when it comes out.
Most importantly, thank you to everyone who reads my words. Thank you for liking, commenting, and sharing posts I put up on Facebook. Thank you to those who support me on Twitter. Thank you to those who keep up with what I do here at 17Numa. Thank you to the other writers and artists who continually inspire me with their work. Thank you to those who make being part of the indie lit scene fun. I hope you’ll continue to support me as this journey continues…the fact of the matter is, it has only just begun.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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