Blood Red

Hard Sell
There was one woman,
I think,
who truly loved me…
and I left her.
I tried to come back
and she did not want me.
There was one job
that was better than I realized
at the time…
and I resigned
I tried to reapply
and they wouldn’t have me.
They say you live and learn,
but the only lesson here
is that I only get one shot.
I’ve never been loved again,
nor worked a job that mattered.
The only thing I do that means a damn
is write these words…
so if I ever quit
pouring out the ink
you might as well
leave the final lesson
on my tombstone.
Blood Red Blend
I haven’t had a drink
in five months
yet here I am
a bottle deep in red
with barely a buzz
flowing through the veins
I thought absence
made the heart grow fonder
but I guess this love
never really leaves my blood

Cheers to JD DeHart for the series of interviews he has been conducting of late at his site Profiles in Poetry. I was honored to take part in the fun recently…my running off at the mouth can be read here:
Thank you to Gessy Alvarez at Digging through the Fat for publishing my poem “Whimpers” at her site this week. This is my first appearance there and I’m very thankful to have been allowed to contribute.
Thank you, also, to Ada Fetters at The Commonline Journal for publishing “Cotton Candy Kiss of Cancer” a couple of days ago. This is the third time I’ve had a poem go up at her site. In fact, she was one of the first editors to use my poetry last year back when I had not much of an idea what I was doing in the art of submissions. I’ve figured a few things out since then, though the process, like all things in life, is one of constant growth.
There have been a handful of other acceptances and publications so far this week that I’ll mention in a post sometime in the next few days. I thought this damned bottle of wine would rile me up a bit so I could start swinging for the fences, going off at the hinges, and digging into the trenches…but then I start writing these formulaic posts about where my work has appeared recently, and, uh, like, it’s cool and all, but I promise there is more to me than that. Psych. Not so fast. The truth of the matter is this: everything I do revolves around poetry. I eat, breathe, sleep, shit, and fuck (not hardly) the written word. I’m not whining (maybe a little), I’m just saying…I should probably diversify a bit. Perhaps. Maybe. We’ll see. Never mind. Screw it. I just thought of an idea for a new poem…
Scott Thomas Outlar
Some of this is real. All of this is real. None of this is real.

2 thoughts on “Blood Red

  1. Scott, my brother of scribe!I’m really digging your flow sir. Loved the piece entitled Hard Sell, uber funny and clever dude! Makes for an awesome slam piece as well. I also enjoyed “Blood Red Blend” A shorter piece with punch that shows your diversity as a writer/ storyteller.

    Kudos to you on putting together a well designed blog. One which truly compliments your personality.I especially appreciate the fact that you offer such great content for other poets; especially for us newbies trying to get in the game.Five Stars my brother! Keep doing what your doing and may the blessings continue to fall upon you like rain.

    Love & Light!
    Prince A McNally

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much for all the kind words, Prince. Glad to hear that you dig this post and the site. I certainly enjoy your work as well, my friend, so keep hammering away and pouring forth the ink. Selah


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