Allowances Come Due

Flowing and fluxing
with the ever changing currents
of the Tao River
while laughing at
weeping over
life’s existential nature –
I’ve written those words
hundreds of times
because they are true…
or as close to being true
as I know how to get
Life is never guaranteed
Life is never easy
Life is never free
there is a cost
for every breath
there is a tax
on every sunrise
Karma never plays favorites
but it does keep good friends
God never judges
but leaves such nonsense
to the hearts and minds
of all us fools

Thank you to Angie Tibbs for publishing my poem “Hot Breath of a Primal Yes” at the Dissident Voice Sunday Poetry Page to kick the current week off.
Thank you to Johnny Olson and poetry editor MH Clay at Mad Swirl for using my poem “Sacrificial Communion” earlier this week.
Thank you to JD DeHart for using “Ink Blot” at his site Lunar Lit Poetry Page recently.
Thank you to Guy Farmer for using “Quarterly Questions” at his site Poems and Poetry recently.
Thank you to everyone who has stopped by 17Numa and is reading this.
I think at this point, at least a couple of months in, the beard I’m rocking is the longest/scruffiest I’ve ever grown. I just discovered that some of the cheese dip I was munching on hours ago apparently dripped down and became caught in the hair below my chin. That’s how this whole thing works…you make a mess and then you clean it up. Or, more to the point…you fuck things up all to hell and then you rebuild to make things better…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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