Jump Point

Taking one step at a time
toward the ultimate destination…
Planting one seed at a time
to help replenish the scorched earth…
Laying one brick at a time
to build a sturdy foundation…
When I am tired
I will work even harder…
When I am weary
I will draw energy from the source…
When I am sick
I will find healing through The Word…
It may very well be true
that slow and steady
wins the race…
but a quantum leap
from time to time
sure as hell couldn’t hurt…

Thank you to Carl Sharpe at VerseWrights for publishing my poem “90 Day Ride” yesterday. Carl is a good man, and I’m always happy to contribute in the poetry community he has set up there. He also asked for and accepted a few more of my poems which will appear sometime in the future. He’s the type of editor I trust with my work…whenever he decides to run it is fine with me.
Thanks also to Firestone Feinberg at Verse-Virtual for accepting three poems to appear next month in the October issue. Another great community of poets there…a lot of writers whose work I admire and read regularly. So it’s great to be welcomed to the site and FB group.
A funny thing happened a little while earlier on the other side of the ledger. I sent a batch of poems to a new venue that recently opened up a call for submissions, and I received a response from a young editor letting me know that my use of the word “heavenesque” in one of the pieces made him want to vomit. I got a kick out of that. I sent another batch to give him a second crack at it. He asked me to please not submit again. The kid has chutzpah…he’s obviously an asshole, but he’s got chutzpah.
I’ve been working on the Blogs Page here at 17Numa the past several days, compiling a list of contemporary writers and artists with links to their personal websites, blogs, archives, social media accounts, or other addresses. It’s been inspiring to look over the work of all the talented people whom I’ve added so far. Thank you to everyone who has sent me your links, and also to those I’ve reached out to. Anyone who would like to have their site added to the page, feel free to continue sending your information my way…I’m happy to take a look at it. It’s my hope to create a resource that includes a wide range of great artists from all fields…something representative of a Renaissance, maybe?….
Scott Thomas Outlar
Please feel free to contact me here at the site, or to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. The more I feed on the creative energy, the more I need…

4 thoughts on “Jump Point

    1. Ha…thanks, Don. The situation amused me. There are, of course, always more poems to write…and such experiences can only help but aid the fire of inspiration to continue a steady burn. C’est la vie…and so it goes. Keep your momentum rolling, my friend. Selah

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