Wrathful Incarnations

Every craving is born
from the womb of lust
A red river of blood
gushing, screaming,
seeking, weaving
toward the final hour
when the gluttonous feast
begins in earnest
Without a doubt
dead sure
with machine gun ballad
bringing sin
to a trigger point
locked and loaded
with seven missiles
to the dark side
of the broken pride
when flesh falls hard
from the lofty
heights of heaven
A thousand jealous rays
of envy
turn to apathy
and disillusion
during empty hours
when coveting
the wrong girl
in the wrong place
at the wrong time
Come the midnight song
A dreamer’s flame
so greedy for the next burn
from the fired ignition
point blank
missed the mark
snuffed out
sucked dry
spit forth
in a vomit
of sloth
when sold
down the scorched path
of temptation
unto damnation
Capital vices
the moral compass
Come decadence
Come corruption
Come train wreck
Come the flood

A #SpokenWord poem prompt response written for:
#ntitle 534
#MadVerse 423

Thank you to Jessica Gleason and Ben Mohr for accepting my poem “Rue the Day” to appear in an upcoming issue of Aberration Labyrinth. I’ve not had work included here before, but from what I’ve looked over at the site so far it seems to be an interesting venue. I’m excited to read the next edition.
Thank you to Guy Farmer of The Poet Community for posting my piece “Lend a Hand” at his site yesterday.
My great Aunt passed away recently and I will be away most of the day attending her funeral. She was always very kind to me as a child. I remember her fondly, and will continue to do so. Rest peacefully, Naomi. Say hello to my Father. Tell him the Georgia season is starting soon…though, of course, he already knows.
Thank you to everyone who has stopped by the blog recently. I appreciate you reading my work. I’m doing my best to keep this site updated with new material on a daily basis. It helps keep me locked in. Up late, but laser sharp. Ready to ride the next wave. Wherever it may go…
If you’d like to connect with me, please feel free to do so by contacting me on Twitter and Facebook. I’m always happy to get in the loop with those who dance in the frequency of holy spirit vibration…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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