Taking Measure

Many thanks to Ian Chung for posting this piece at Eunoia Review…

Eunoia Review

What is the measure of a man?
What is it that determines who we are?
Is it the genes we are born with?
Is it the millions of years of ancestral DNA?
Is it the name we are given when we enter this world?
Is it the way we are raised
and the values instilled in us through childhood?
Is it what we are taught in school
through textbooks written by strangers
about a history we were not around for?
Is it the jobs we take for money?
Is it the work we are inspired to do?
Is it the food we eat?
Is it the clothes we drape upon our flesh?
Is it the company we choose to keep?
Is it the way we treat our fellow humans?
Is it the way we handle the circumstances which arise
during the course of life’s ups and downs?
Is it the…

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