Joy Ride

Four right turns
have left us
in a circle

spinning wheels
against the tar
melted puddle
under the bleached sky

stripped of color –

and of direction –

in the same place
where it all began
at birth

took a round trip
back to nowhere…

but Christ
the things we saw!
in our slow motion orbit around the sun
as it delivered
a sacrament of color and shape
with handfuls of crystal visions
serving as a ceremonial burn
in the flash point
of our pineals
sending every neuron signal
to high alert
screaming sirens
sing the warning signs
of enlightenment
crashing hard
through consciousness
flipping switches
hit ignition

and for a moment
we entered unto heaven
in the center of your kingdom
forgetting the soured wine
spoiled in the garden
forgetting the crushed sweetness
of the fallen chalice
forgetting we were flawed angels
but rather
for a brief moment
something far greater
cast of perfect gold
while reflected
in ascended light
so holy
in the spirit
of your
perfect sight
quieting all rage
of the heart
finally found
in the bliss
of infinite splendor

but of course
all such trips
are temporary
and we would be
in denial
to pretend
that our sublime shamanic vacation
would never end
for the karmic cycles
forever spin
shifting with the currents
of the flesh

We had our
of God
but all good things
must eventually
come to a close

and there is still
so much more work
to be done here on earth

A little taste
of nirvana
as a tease
from on high
was just enough
to tempt us
toward the final truth
that the only way
we’ll ever stay
as One
in the Source
is if we first
bring about
the cessation
of All suffering
here in the duality
of this ride called life –

A Twitter-Verse Poem Prompt Response for:

#MadVerse 416
#WyldeVerse 40

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