Chaos enters the spaces of stagnation,
not to obliterate,
but to break down what is not working
so the inherent pattern of order
can emerge in a new light,
and the holy path of inward peace
can once again be seen clearly.

The choice to destroy
is not necessarily negative
but sometimes absolutely necessary
as a way to tear away
at a dilapidated structure
so a more solid foundation
can be established
upon which to build
a temple of health, happiness, and love.

Life is not always easy,
but the trials and tribulations
are inherent in the process of progression
as a way to push evolution forward,
and the challenges that naturally arise
are a Godsend of grace
presented to teach the lesson
that we are creatures of adaptation and survival.

This piece originally appeared back in late May at the poetry site Dead Snakes, and it was written not long before that.

This is day 70 since I last drank alcohol. There shall surely come a time when I return once more to the sweet nectar of Dionysus, raising the holy chalice of bloody wine to my lips so as to imbibe my spirit with the fire of fermentation…but as for now, I’m kind of digging the process of clearing the mind and cleaning the body from the inside out through the art of detoxification.

A time for this, a time for that, and, of course, a time for the other…

Check out the Poems Page here at 17Numa to find links to the work I’ve had published so far in August at Dissident Voice, Indiana Voice Journal, Yellow Chair Review, Sonic Boom, and A Long Story Short.

Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, any feedback on this blog or my writing in general is certainly appreciated.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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