Come and Conquered

We have come
for your women and children.

We have come
for your silver and gold.

We have come
for your oil and opium.

We have come
with a pretense of peace
to bring hell upon your land.

We have come
with a pillar of salt.

We have come
with a manifest destiny
to shove down your throat.

We have come
to suck dry your land
and then leave it behind
as an arid desert for you to perish upon.

We have come
as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We have come
with smiling faces,
crossed fingers,
and bombs strategically held behind our backs.

We have come
with banks
to pilfer everything you’ve worked for.

We have come
with mercury for your shots,
pesticide for your food,
smog for your air,
and a cross for you to bear and bow down before.

We have come
with our program of chaos
and promises of a New Order.

We have come
with our machines
to welcome in a future
where humanity is obsolete.

We have come
with our blueprint
for a One World Revelation Kingdom.

We have come
with our televised frequencies
to keep your revolution in a trance.

We have come
with our marketing campaign
to make you feel inept and worthless.

We have come
and conquered
while you slept in apathy.

This poem originally appeared back in March at Dissident Voice. I’ve been contributing a piece each week at DV for their Sunday Poetry Page for the past ten months now. The editor, Angie Tibbs, was the first person to accept one of my poems last year, and it’s been a great relationship ever since. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me the boost of confidence I needed to really start sending my poetry out. I’ve been fortunate to have now been published in over 100 venues, and to have work forthcoming in a couple dozen more. All the journals, magazines, blogs, and zines that have accepted work of mine are listed on the Links Page of this site.

Speaking of which, another venue where this particular poem has appeared at is Guy Farmer’s site Social Justice Poetry. Guy has been another great editor to work with, allowing me to contribute quite often at three different blogs he runs.

Dissident Voice Archive

Social Justice Poetry Archive

I found a new toy to play with yesterday, and I just know that I’m going to have a whole lot of fun with it in the days and weeks ahead. I’m speaking of the recording platform SoundCloud. The first poetry recording I did was of one of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever written, “3,2,1…,” which was published in the most recent issue of Burningword Literary Journal.

You can listen to the reading by clicking on this link.

If you enjoy what you read at this blog, please follow it, leave a comment, share the posts, spread the word, or just play it cool and keep your silence for now. Whatever route you choose to take, just be sure to continue checking in to see what happens next…I have very big plans for the future.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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