Aquarius Dreaming

Excuse me,
did anyone happen to notice
that the world is on fire?

does anyone have
a pail
of water?

An Abstract Vision of Paradise

Into the infinite void where spaciousness calls out with a silent vibrating hum.  Vibrant electricity gets shocked and magnetized by polar extremes to find coordinated balance at a perfect center point.  Radiation on a cosmic scale ushers forth a positive growth transformation.  DNA transmutation.  Cellular regeneration.  The evolution of enlightenment.  Coming to a consciousness near you.  Playing out nightly in every city across the world.  First act in a Renaissance Revolution.  Reborn with the fiery wings of a Phoenix rising upward from out its own ash.  Transcendent and stationed beyond the normal limitations, boundaries and rigors of a boxed-in, poorly contemplated conceptualization of context.  No longer able to idly abide the decadence, decay, disillusionment and deplorable conditions of a declining culture as it swiftly falls off the edge of a cliff.  Taking back control from self-professed leaders who are nothing more than hired guns for multinational, fascist, corporate banking interests.  Casting a spell of good fortune with white magic to counteract the acidic nature of usury and counterfeit fiat currency currently being issued forth from an out of control printing press and fractional reserve system hopped up on steroids.

A fresh style coming into fashion.  That which is old shall be made new again.  A better view taking shape and molding into place.  Gears turning.  Wheels spinning.  Ideas finding fruition.  Distortion in the rearview begins to fade out as it’s rendered irrelevant and no longer evident as prima facie.  Clear vision is the new cool.  Hyped up fashion takes the stage.  Naked eye epiphanies.  Jump on board the moving train.  Clean the body to clear the mind.  A healthy gut equates in direct correlation with a positive mental perspective.  Viewpoint taken from the depths of the sludge up to the heights of the clouds.  Outlook brought full circle around the spinning cycle, looping out of the swamp and settling firmly atop the peak of a mountain.  Soaring with precise calculations of committed determination.  Resiliency on display.  Trophies in the case.

The sacred symbolic crystal has an infinite number of angles from which to perceive life’s image from.  Which one do you choose to view?  Where is your vision focused?  How is your energy spent?  Do you get a good bang for the buck?  Are you at peace with the credit earned?  Are you getting solid returns?  Is your karma sheet balanced out?  Is your quota being fulfilled?  Is your heart lighter than a feather?  Does your soul sing in the rain?  Or are you waiting around for a perfect sun to rise before you crack a smile?  Can you see tomorrow in today?  Or are you lost amidst the swirling confusion of a past that is caught on infinite repeat?  Did you receive the new memo on Revelation?  Or are you stuck in a cubicle at a desk job reading through old copy?

Welcome to the New Day and Age.  Version 2.0.  A Golden Apocalypse.  The truth rises to the surface and radiantly shines forth with a fury of focus.  But so, too, does the pond scum also rise.  All the more conducive for creating the correct conditions in which to identify it, skim it off the top, and toss it away into the trash heap of history.  Nature has an organic reflex toward self preservation.  Purpose is found in everything.  Reason abounds across the ages.  Pinpoint accuracy of rhythm.  Harmony as a rule of thumb.  Balance established between both brain hemispheres.  Natural Order of Creation as a finely tuned experiment.  The interconnected, interrelated, incredibly ingenious web of All and Everything homogenized and coordinated to coalesce and come together in perfectly amalgamated congruency.  Coincidence playing out in real time.  Synchronicity of the primal pattern.  Emerging from the primordial ooze.  The infinite and eternal egg of pure cosmic beingness sucks down the radiant rays from a coronal mass ejection emitted by solar energy and hatches posthaste with a quickness.

As above, so below.  As within, also without.  Astrological cycles pulsing outward through dimensions of the space/time continuum.  Wide awake regions of atmospheric pressure are instantaneously alerted to the gravitational pull of zero-point theory in perpetual motion.  Wound up tight and set for release.  Rubber band effect put to the test.  Hypothesized and pulled out of the hat.  Rabbits digging for a carrot on a stick.  The vegetables do have consciousness.

Every extreme has a counterpoint.  Seesawing back and forth across the galactic core.  It is always best to balance out and walk the middle path as the precession turns.  Straight and narrow like a sharpened razor navigating upon the needlepoint of a pin.  Staying steady while approaching the entrance to the gates.  Pearly wonder.  Golden streets.  Jeweled utopia.  Crystal city.  Atlantis risen.  Heaven bound.  Knock and it shall be opened.  Ask and answers surely come.  Sing and the chorus joins in.  Dance and the party begins.  Laugh and the joy erupts.  Smile and a new world is created.  Manifest destiny with a siren call in the distance.  All it takes is a single step forward.  Mind focused.  Body at ease.  Mindful breathing.  Pushing through distractions.  Pulsing out distortion.  Turning away from the demons of temptation.  Satan, get thee behind us.  Choosing the better angels of our conscience.  Tuning in to hear the still, small voice that speaks intuitively from within.  Core alignment.  Higher value algorithm.  Multiplying the additions of peaceful fruition until the bounty is overflowing.  A cup that runneth over.  A wellspring of eternal Love.  Unconditional in Nature.  Grace of glory.  Blessings of beatitude.  Song of the stars recorded in the soul.  Message from the Source received in the heart.  The Kingdom of God is found within.  Nirvana is always just a thought away.  The fluid River of Tao flows as purified blood through pulsing veins.  Feverishly pumping.  Fervently seeking a firm foundation upon which to stand.  Screaming from the hilltop.  Finally found in the infinite light of awareness.  The stoic, sturdy determination to survive.  The intention to thrive.  Self preservation.  Angelic protection.  Guardians in neon disguises stationed at every corner and around every bend, ready to help with invisible hands all those who walk their dharmic path of bliss.  A universal will that cannot be denied.  Floodgates open.  Spring cleaning commences.  Welcome to the ceremony.  Baptism begins.

“An Abstract Vision of Paradise” is an excerpt from the book “Zero-Point Graduation” which I wrote back in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Other excerpts have been published in venues such as Dissident Voice, The Daily Anarchist, Veracity Voice, Eunoia Review, and The Chaffey Review. A lot of the book is just an exercise in having fun…fucking around with words, language, and ideas to create wild, hallucinatory, prose-fusion meanderings through the psyche.

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Scott Thomas Outlar

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