This hat was worn by Johnny,
and my Father loved Johnny –
who taught him how to fire a gun
and took him to the woods.

I never met Johnny;
he was dead long
before my time,
but I’ve worn his hat now
for twenty-five years or so.

I wore it in the woods
as a kid
while pretending to be
Indiana Jones.

I wore it to the store
to buy ink
when I needed to
print the first copy
of an early book
I wrote.

I wore it to
my Father’s funeral; now
both he and Johnny
are gone.

But I’ll keep
wearing the hat
because I loved
my Father,
and that seems to be
the way
this thing goes.

This poem originally appeared on Christmas Day of last year at The Camel Saloon. It was the first Christmas spent without my Father since his passing last February. I miss him dearly, but also know that he would be proud of the path my life is on at this point. I use the sadness of missing my best friend to propel my absolute drive toward success forward. One day I’ll write a proper post dedicated to the best man I’ve ever known, but for now such words are still being written in my mind.

I learned that The Camel Saloon closed up shop recently. That venue was always a hard nut for me to crack. In fact, this is the only poem that was ever accepted there. So it goes.

The August issue of Ygdrasil was released today. I have two poems included which you can read at this link; if you are so inclined, of course.

Anyone who has any critiques, compliments, concerns, or suggestions of any kind, please leave me a comment here on the blog. I’m still in the early phases of getting this site up and running, but I have big plans for the future…

Come connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. I’d love to stay in touch with everyone.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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