The Way It Is by Scott Thomas Outlar

Your One Phone Call

Terrible things happen
to people
all over the world
seemingly all the time.
Africans starve.
Women are raped.
Hustlers lie, cheat and steal,
screwing over those who trusted them.
Family members die,
crushing the spirit
of the loved ones left behind.
Thugs shoot other thugs
in rival gangs
over shit like color and territory.
Fat Cat politicians
write laws
that benefit big corporations
by rigging the game
against Mom and Pop Stores.
Perverts molest little children,
scarring their young minds
for the rest of their lives.
Animals unfit to breed
have children
whom they beat with belts,
bruising their sanity
and creating a vicious cycle of violence
that may never end
until the gene pool runs dry.
One brother kills another brother,
sending their sister
into a suicidal despair
which ends with a slit wrist
and a bathtub full of blood.
But it’s not just
humans hurting humans,
because nature…

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