On Public School Slime

Oh, come on now,
who doesn’t like
a little genetically modified,
pesticide sprayed,
herbicide laced,
fried pile of
high fructose slop
disguised as food
and plopped
on their lunch plate?

How can you have any pudding
if you don’t eat your meat?

Only the best
for our kids –
after all,
We’re Number One!
(with a bullet
and an empire)

Now stop complaining,
stand up straight,
stare at the flag,
place hand over heart,
and pledge your allegiance
to God and country.

This poem originally appeared back in March in the social justice newsletter Dissident Voice where I’ve been publishing a poem each Sunday for the past ten months.

This piece is a comment not only on the type of disgusting, processed, nutrient-void slop that is served to the school children, but about the basic choices that the average adult makes everyday when it comes to what they put into their body.

The old cliche, “You are what you eat,” is essentially spot on.

If you put cooked, dead, overly processed, chemically laden, artificially laced, toxic garbage into your body, the result is most likely going to be cloudy thinking, poor health, and an endless cycle of trips to the doctor getting prescribed symptom-suppressing medications that perpetuate a downward spiral.

The more you choose clean, natural, organic, nutrient-dense, electrically charged, high vibration, easily digestible foods, the healthier and more radiant your life will become.

And with that little commentary out of the way, I’ll get back down off my soapbox, place my bare feet upon the earth, take a deep breath, smile from ear to ear, and finish by saying this: Do whatever you want, eat whatever you want, live however you want…just know that their are natural laws of biology and chemistry at work in this universe, and every choice you make either works with or against said laws.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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