Lit Sky

Liquid lightning flash bombs
There are owls screaming in the woods
Kamikaze warpath through the sky
This is not your run-of-the-mill Biblical flood

Prism bullet acid storm elixir
There is rain enough to drown away the past
Electric metal signs of revolution
Crystal plasma hanging heavy in the air

This poem was inspired last night by a storm that began with a half hour display of heat lightning directly above my house the likes of which I’ve never before witnessed. I simply sat and marveled at the awe-inspiring show being put on by nature as the electricity pulsed in the air and sent shivers of cool Kundalini energy running up and down my spine. A feeling of palpable primal elegance emanated through the atmosphere. Beautiful and breathtaking. In a word…Wow.

A few poems out in the past couple days:

Needle on Empty – Dissident Voice

A Song unto the Ages – Indian Periodical

Broke His Crown – Social Justice Poetry

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