The Ripening of Revelations

Hey, babe,
if you’re going to take a bite
out of that apple,
well, I won’t let ya
burn alone,
so pass that sweet salvation
this way
so we can partake
of such a sin together.

You don’t even
have to seduce me
with a sexy striptease…
just leave that fig leaf
right where it is for now
while we feast
upon the flesh
of this fully ripened fruit…
there will be plenty of time
for love and lust
once the sugar high
hits our veins
and the sky
starts to fall
here in the garden
while we work
to replenish this paradise
with our progeny.

Lay here beside me, my dear,
under this tree of life
which offers shade
from the sweltering sun
to our exhausted bodies,
and we will sleep soundly
in each other’s arms
while we dream
of high vibration revelations
concerning the truth about Good and Evil
that will come as a flood
to wash away our ignorance
once we awaken to the new dawn.

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