A gust of wind
breezes up from behind
and gently licks
the back of my neck
with a sweet caress,
urging me forward
toward the next stage
of evolution;
but I, never being
too much in a hurry,
spin around
in a quick shift
of fluid motion
and suck down
a large inhalation
of fresh air
deeply into my lungs,
holding the oxygen
at the core of my being,
feeling it flow
through the blood
and into my brain
where it snaps
dormant neurons
into a triggered sensation
of pure bliss.

The soothing salve
of Mother Nature
rekindles my passion,
and I dance
with a fervent
yet controlled rhythm,
completing the full rotation,
now taking
two steps at once
in the direction
of my destiny
which lies ahead
over the next horizon
calling from the distance
as a siren
to lure me back home
to the Source
where I can rest
at peace
as One.

A couple poems out today in the July issues of these publications:

3,2,1… – Burningword Literary Journal

To the Fascist Fundamentalist Editor – Yellow Chair Review

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