Backseat Driver

My blood is ignited,
my neurons are snap, crackle, popping,
my mind is on fire,
and my heart…
well, leave my heart out of this –
it’s not ready to join the flames,
not ready to sing and dance,
not ready to celebrate just yet.

My heart would rather hide away
and lick its wounds for awhile
as the sun sings with solar flares
and the sky burns with fervent passion.

This is a time of joy
but not of love.

This is a time of happiness
but not of peace.

It’s too much to ask
that every sign in the heavens
perfectly aligns
all in the same moment
as if the celestial spheres
were raining down miracles
with synchronistic flare,
so my lips will stay sealed
and my tongue will not let loose
with a single wish
to the stars above.

This accelerated high
has just enough juice
to propel the winds of change
and turn the tide in my favor,
so there is no need to beg
of the ocean’s peaking waves
to carry me all the way ashore.

My blood is a pyre,
my neurons are laser sharp,
my mind is crystal clear,
and my heart…
well, my heart can take
a backseat for awhile
and wait with patience
for the next opportunity to strike
while everything else in my life
continues to get better by the day.

A few poems out so far this week:

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Scott Thomas Outlar

4 thoughts on “Backseat Driver

  1. saw this on a poetry group, wanted to follow your blog and had to really work for it! your page follow at the bottom right wouldn’t allow me to click. then i logged in to wordpress, whose format has changed while i’ve been incognito, with no ‘search’ feature for blogs, upon which i finally saw that i had to go to my followed blogs and manually type in your blog address. wow. now that this is over, i look forward to reading more of your stuff. very thorough blog!


  2. We are in the same poetry group on Facebook. I also have a blog on here and would like to follow. I tried to do just that but somehow couldnt> Please go to my blog”Skyhigh Poetry and like one of my poems so when your name comes up for me it will have a link for me to follow


    1. Hello, Daniel. I appreciate you checking out my blog. I’m not sure what the problem is with trying to follow me here, but you’re not the first one to experience difficulties. Thanks for letting me know about it. I checked out Skyhighpoetry, and I look forward to hopefully seeing some of your work in the FB group. Cheers!


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